Sunday, October 25, 2009

When will reality come crashing in...?

When will reality come crashing in...?

The long and the short of things are seldom hard to discover if one decides to look. Debunking religion's touts for the "all powerful" ability of their gods are no exception. And religionists would do well to become aware of this truth. Where doubt raises questions, those questions deserve inspection.

I was reminded of this by reading the current post from reporter, Trina Hoaks: "God not responsible for morality - Window cleaner is". Trina dug up a research study rooted at Brigham Young University and led by researcher Katie Liljenquist, which seems to indicate that we're socially motivated to be "morally better" people whenever there's a scent of citrus spritz in the air. Trina's call: Window cleaner spritz- 1|God- 0.

Frans de Waal and his study to expose the moral character of monkey behaviors, those pro-social traits of morality that monkeys very certainly possess, might now move ahead to reach a whole new level of findings by merely adding a touch of mist to the experimental controls. And who knows, by such a simple addition of citrus spritz perhaps de Wall's little primate friends will show us their efforts to organize themselves at forming-up new charitable unions for the salvation of cageless deprived alcoholic monkeys. I can see it now... monkey's in Santa suits, all ringing bells on every street corner.

In any case, my point is this: Seek and ye shall find. If you're willing to look for evidences for the causes of morality, or for any other unanswered question, if your head isn't doing the ostrich buried in-a-hole thing, you may discover that the heretofore assumptions that Goddidit have been wrong. In the case of morality, the exclusive link between gods and goodness aren't quite as exclusive as they've been claimed to be. Morality isn't necessarily god-given.

If only a few more studies of these types can be brought to light, we might turn the heads of a few more god-believers... and if a few more god-believers pay attention to their own doubts we may see that happening sooner rather than to late... And, that's my hope.

Yeah science!

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