Friday, October 16, 2009

Lucky7ist vs. a7ist

Lucky7ist vs a7ist

The 7ist believes that all the world is affected by the number "7" in such a way that if one fails to use or say or think about or praise the number "7" throughout his daily life, he will find that he will become terribly unlucky.

The a7ist takes a different view of things. He's discovered that luck itself is a preposterous notion. "There's no such thing as luck," he'd say... and he'd say it straight to the face of believing lucky7ist without hesitation.

What's the difference between these two? Are they both right or is there no clear answer?

The Lucky7ist may become angry or defensive as a result of hearing his belief in Lucky7 run through the mud by a non-believers. "Lucky7 has made a difference in my life," he may say and he may then describe how saying the number "7' has caused him to win rewards time and again.

"The number "7" even saved his grandma from certain death," he might add, and go on to tell how hanging a lucky "7" above her death bed in the hospital allowed her to escape death and live 7 more years. "Beat that..." he'll say to the a7ist.

"But "7" is just a number like any other," the a7ist may reply. "It has no special abilities other than its numerical uses.

"You can't prove that," retorts the Lucky7ist. "If you just believe and start saying and using "7" in your life, you'll know I'm right. You only have to try it and you'll see."

"But I have tried it," the a7ist replies and I've thought it over, too. "What you're saying doesn't hold water! You could say "3" all day long and get the same results as saying "7.""

"Eeek...!" screams the Lucky7ist. ""3" is a bad number... the worst! You must never ever say "3" if you'd like to stay lucky in life. Never...! And you'd better not try crossing a busy street after saying "3" and having no lucky7 in your life to make up for it.

"Why do you think casinos rake in so much cash?," asks the Lucky7ist... "It's because they have "7s" everywhere. Haven't you seen it? Are you blind? ... And why does a week have "7" days? Because without "7" day weeks the whole world would stop - that's why!"

"Look," says the a7ist, "I'll grant that it's possible for good things to happen while saying or thinking "7" but not that believing "7" has special ability. It isn't the reason that good things happen. Things just happen. That's all there is to it and the rest is just in your head."

"Ugh... You a7ist are so hateful. And it's all because you're sad... because not enough luck enters your life... because you don't believe in Lucky7 the way you should."

"Yeah right..." sighs the a7ist. "Believe whatever you'd like. It's your right. But hey, don't go getting all wacko and pushy on the government to print $7 bills, and lay off this nonsense of reducing the work day to "7" hours and change the supreme court seats to "7 " instead of "9". ... I mean, really, its my world, too, you know."

"See. See..! It's happening to you now. You've done it yourself. Sorry, buddy but you're out of luck and it's your own fault. Being an a7ist is your problem. Lucky7 is the reason all those things are happening... it's not because of anything else and you'd understand if you'd just believed it. Now do you see? Now do you understand how "7" works?"

"Um... no... I really, really don't"

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