Saturday, October 24, 2009

Laughable and outrageous, too.

Laughable and outrageous, too.

I seriously hope a few Christians read this article, "Lashes for Saudi woman journalist," highlighting sex and the intolerance Islam has for it. Should that happen, I wouldn't imagine a single jaw could remain anything but slacked and widly agape. No doubt, when it comes to sex and a sickening attitudes toward women, the Saudis are living with their heads somewhere in the clouds right along with their made-up god.

Well guess what, Christian readers... you're no better. It's your aim to make women go to term with their unwanted pregnancies; you routinely brainwash your children to believe sex is a bad, bad thing; and you treat gays and lesbians in the same ill manor as the Saudi's treated the poor people of the article sighted above.

Here's a good thing to keep in mind. It's from good 'ole Mark Twain:


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