Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Larry David pissed...?

Larry David pissed...?

This whole Larry David pissing on an image of Jesus is so loony. All the Christian twitter-bugs have gone nuts with declarations of personal disgust and promises to never ever watch HBO or Larry David again... NOT EVER! Well... whatever.

The funny art about the story isn't pissing on Jesus but the reaction of the old bags who thought the piss-picture was a miracle. They saw a tear drop - not a piss drop. Good gosh ladies... it's a bathroom! Which is more likely? A picture crying real tears or an off-course sprinkle of golden dew, i.e., PISS?

It's just a show, of course... scripted for laughs, but when you stop to think that humor has its roots in truth - that it's often a clear a reflection of reality - the reaction of the little old Christian ladies is pitiful, isn't it.

Anyhow, I personally don't think a piss drop on Jesus is going to make a whole lot of difference to anyone in a week or so... so Christians, enjoy being pissed today and move on tomorrow. It's no big deal... its only another joke played at the expense of your Lord and Master (and on you, of course, for believing such nonsense.)

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