Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michael Newdow - not "under God"

Need a Hero?

Michael Newdow

I you're not aware of the effort being put forth by Michael Newdow, a childhood east coast Jew who grew to become an ordained United Universialist Church minister, an atheist, a physician and an active litigant with a very hard line church/state separation enthusiasm, you should be. You can get the basic facts on Michael from Wikipedia. You can also learn more about him from his own website: Michael Newdow.Com.

As for being a hero, he'd make a good one for anyone looking just by having his tenacious apatite to see the right thing done for the preservation of American secularism and for atheists. Michael strongly opposes "under God" in the national pledge of allegiance and he's willing to go the distance to see the pledge restored. Here's a recent article by Trina Hoaks that describes the state of the current litigation.

Did you notice the "thanks" given to Michael by FFRF's Annie Laurie Gaylor? I believe she looks upon Michael as a hero... She speaks for me, too.

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