Thursday, October 29, 2009

Desire for reason:

Desire for reason:

People, religious people, are always on about why their atheists, agnostics and non-religious counterparts are who they are. The ask the silliest questions with regard to why non-belief is attractive - things like "Why can't you just believe?" and "Don't you feel uncomfortable not knowing?" Ugh! The list goes on, of course.

In addition, believers and religionists frequently tend to reissue how they hear non-believers answering their oddball queries by adding-in their own insulating posits - pock shots plucked completely out of the blue. They say, "You probably do believe and don't know it yet," and "You're just being stubborn right now." I guess it's their way of buffering the acidity of meeting a real non-believer face to face. I've been told by religionists and believers, contradicted straight-up immediately after saying that I'm atheist, that I'm not... as if they might know my mind better than I do. "Oh, you're not really atheist. You're probably agnostic." Jeez... that irks me! Case in point example: Oprah.

Non-believers seek reason. We're very acutely aware of the difference between sloppy guess-work thinking, reiterated junk ideas, and their far more accurate opposite: evidence based opinion; and we're honest about it. When it happens, its an outrageously frustrating experience to encounter the persistent unreason believers so often offer in conversation. The urge to speak up with bruit rebuttal is sometimes difficult to corral.

So, why are atheists and no-believers who we are... why are we opposed to religious thinking and belief... (and let's hope a few believers read this) the answer is simple: it's because belief is dumb.

And now, fellow heathens, here's a breathe of hope... a very up-lifing evidence based reason to trust that things are getting better. Indiana University has just hosted Richard Dawkins on campus and he drew an unexpected packed house... Reason seeking is on the rise. Thank goodness! Lets hope it continues and becomes pandemic. Read it and enjoy.

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