Monday, October 12, 2009

A candidate again...

Now this is stupid...

The Pope (yes, the same guy who thought condoms were useless in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS) has, by his holy wisdom, canonized five brand new saints, including Fr. Damien (no relation to the famed Damian character of horror-flic fame, in "The Omen").

Get this though... Fr. Damien was selected for sainthood because prayers offered to him have reportedly saved lives. In order to see the full humor of this (or more appropriately, its stupidity...) one must consider this: Fr. Damien was, himself, a victim of disease... and he died of his disease way back in 1889.

I have to ask, if this man (and that's clearly all he was) couldn't save himself from disease, how in the world could he save others... and how, especially, could he do so as a rotten, stinking stiff that's already 120 years gone? Preposterous!

But wait... The joke isn't over. (And, perhaps it's time to call in Vjack to measure the full degree of idiocy shown by the next player of the story.) Our own Barack Obama (yes, the same guy who was just awarded a Nobel Prize - our very own President!) saw fit to give this wacko Vatican City ceremony his (and our) official recognition by sending two US delegates, the official envoy to the Vatican, US ambassador, Miguel H. Diaz, and Sen. Daniel Kahikina Akaka, Hawaii.

Good Grief! What's next...?

It's time to be finished with this sort of nonsense. More than 200 years ago, President Thomas Jefferson had integrity enough to refuse holding a Thanksgiving dinner celebration... What's gone wrong with today's leaders?

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