Friday, January 28, 2011

The 2nd Amendment - Then and Now

Adopted in 1791 along with the remainder of the United States Bill of Rights, the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution has stood as a pillar of American Freedom.  Yet the climate of the times, then and now, has changed radically.

The available arms of early America vs those in the year 2011 are oceans apart and I can hardly fathom that our founding fathers would feel comfortable with the sweeping language they used to pen the 2nd Amendment.  “The right to bear arms” back in 1791 meant that citizens could own knives, swords and muskets, the simple arms of a simpler time. Had 1791 been able to produce the far more dangerous array of weapons available to today’s average citizen, the 2nd Amendment may have been written in far different terms or perhaps not written at all.

Food for thought... Now imagine the recent Tuscon tragedy happening all over again but only having the weapons of early America available.  And picture, too, how different the current popular unrest of Cairo, Egypt might look if it was taking place here in the United States under today’s gun laws.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink our right to bear arms, eh?  

The 2nd Amendment - Then and Now

Monday, January 24, 2011

Reach Out For New Allies

Perhaps this is a good time to seek out new allies who might respond positively to the recent trend toward cultural changes favoring secularism. It’s no secret that our American society is far from being a homogeneous one-religion package.  Our US history teaches us that the rise of American Christianity was a gradual one, advancing little by little to become a very big player in today’s knee-jerk behaviors and thinking - it’s become a cultural bias that most people seldom even recognize.  Yet, finding willing helpers with a natural motivation and ability to stem further evangelical efforts (in plain words, to quit their religious recruiting) may not be so easy... or will it?

Of all the institutions of our society, both public and private, big corporations may be ripe to consider a new change of policy. For their own good, large corporations are very interested in maintaining a positive public image; their degree of acceptability is without question directly tied to earning profit. Consider, for example, how the hotel industry and its hand-in-glove relationship with Gideons International has evolved.  Since 1899 when the Gideons first began supplying free Bibles for hotel rooms, the practice has remained virtually unchallenged. Showing favor to Christian evangelical interests has been good for business. Hospitals, too, have fallen into the habit of accepting and distributing Gideon Bibles as a routine part of their service and it has done them no harm. But now the question becomes: Has today’s religious climate changed enough to merit amending the old policies that favor just one religion? Have we reached a point where no religious bias should be shown?

Let’s get serious about our expectations with regard to religion, and let’s tell the corporate world we care about it.  Write letters to Hilton, Holiday Inn, Best Western and Ramada.  Say something (on paper) to the hospital association in your state.  Tell CEOs and corporate decision-makers about your feelings of religious alienation, about being second classed, and suggest to them that their making a small change of policy will help.  It’s time to speak up and be heard where it counts.  Make some noise.
Reach Out For New Allies     

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ridicule. Ridicule. Ridicule... And, LOL!

If you came across an individual, someone of reasonable intelligence on most matters, who persisted seriously to boast that he could fly completely unassisted by any human invention, just like a bird, wouldn’t you laugh out loud to his face? It’s ridiculous, right? Well... plan on laughing long and heartily this spring. On May 21st, this year, there will be a lot of people, believers all, expecting to Rapture their way to the heavens. Yup! They’re anticipating “Judgment Day” once again and they’ll be flapping their little imaginary wings off to beat the band and to fly happily into the lap of their lord, Jesus.

So... Plan on having a side-splitting day, and in honor of all our believing friends, why not through a “Holey Crap" party just for laughs.  And be sure to tell everyone - the joke’s on them.

Ridicule. Ridicule. Ridicule... And, LOL!


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