Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to it...

It’s been a long while since I’ve taken time to live my life as I’d like to, but I’m ready to get back to it. This illness and hospital stuff has been no fun at all.  And, that said, let’s talk activism.

If you live in a state with several secular/atheist/agnostic groups already started, have you done anything to get those groups coordinated?  Have you exchanged ideas?  Have you spoken out for yourself and others?  Have you done anything to encourage and develop even more groups?  If so, good for you - do more of it.  If not, “Let’s get on the ball, Buck-o.”  Start networking.

Starting up a new group is easy.  All it takes from you is a little time and perhaps a few bucks.  Start by reaching out to stranded individuals who might fit the bill to join-up in a new group. Use the Internet and sites like Facebook - there are plenty of enthusiastic candidates out there.  Then check out  Start your new group and see where it leads you.  And don’t assume it’s any harder to do in a nearby neighboring town.  It’s not! Getting new groups off the ground is great fun and it’s very usefully needed activism.

Likewise, creating interaction between groups and group leaders is just as easy... Announce an event - a leaders conference. Try using video conferencing and chat rooms to coordinate your plans, group to group.  Whether you host a big or small meeting right off the bat is up to you.  Do what you can do easily, but do something!  Go for it.

So... do you feel motivated to become a secular activist?  I hope so.

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