Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Campus Groups - Today’s Better Tomorrow

I’ve already dedicated several of my blog posts to starting up new secular/atheist community groups and to the importance of becoming personally involved as an activist for such projects.  Here’s another and it’s darn near a slam-dunk, hands-down winner.

Without a doubt, today’s students are the leaders of tomorrow’s better society - a society that sets the nonsense of religiosity aside to favor secularism and it’s reality-based world view - all ripe with a newer set of youthful trend-setting critical thinkers and oodles of new reason-based decision makers. By extending your helping-hands, donations, and cooperativeness to a local Secular Student Alliance group on a college campus near you, the shape of tomorrow becomes insured. And if you find that the collage campus near you has no ready-made established group, there’s plenty of help available to start one up.  

Look into getting involved right now... It’s important.!

Campus Groups - Today’s Better Tomorrow

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