Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ridicule. Ridicule. Ridicule... And, LOL!

If you came across an individual, someone of reasonable intelligence on most matters, who persisted seriously to boast that he could fly completely unassisted by any human invention, just like a bird, wouldn’t you laugh out loud to his face? It’s ridiculous, right? Well... plan on laughing long and heartily this spring. On May 21st, this year, there will be a lot of people, believers all, expecting to Rapture their way to the heavens. Yup! They’re anticipating “Judgment Day” once again and they’ll be flapping their little imaginary wings off to beat the band and to fly happily into the lap of their lord, Jesus.

So... Plan on having a side-splitting day, and in honor of all our believing friends, why not through a “Holey Crap" party just for laughs.  And be sure to tell everyone - the joke’s on them.

Ridicule. Ridicule. Ridicule... And, LOL!

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