Monday, October 12, 2009

Get on the ground...


It's time (once again) to advocate the importance of forming on-the-ground Freethought groups - they're priceless.

While the internet appears to be the primary news center for atheist and secular movement activities, on-the-ground groups are what will make things happen in the long run. If you aren't already involved in a local group, if none is available in your town, start one! is probably the easiest and cheapest way to begin building a new group (or to add members to an existing group). I wish it was a FREE service, but that just isn't so... Never mind. It isn't a great expense.

You may already be aware that I've been personally involved in starting up groups where none have been before and that those groups are flourishing. Well, I'm not done yet. More groups are needed and that means YOU should get involved. Atheism and secular growth has never been better but that doesn't mean it can't get better yet. "During the first five months of 2009, 95 new atheist groups have formed through, bringing the US total to 372. That's up from 59 in 2005". So what's keeping YOU from joining?

Atheist Revolution's writer, vjack, is a strong supporter for group involvement and I'll yield to the his archived articles to lend support to my own advocacy. You'll find vjack's articles here: promoting atheism. He has amassed a wonderful collection of ways and reasons to put atheism at the head of the pack as a growing movement and keep it there. Please read and get yourself busy joining the movement. Add yourself to an on-the-ground group or start one TODAY.

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