Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Say "HELL NO" to Voodoo

Say "HELL NO" to Voodoo

The country is getting closer to passing its long waited for Public Health Care program... reform a that can't be put off any longer. But there's a rub... It's called Voodoo Medicine/Faith Healing.

Believe it or not, there are still some wacko politicians who are willing to push for paid prayer - Faith Healing - and it just can't stand.

Most of the intelligent people of the world know, even if not by first hand experience, that real medicine and faith healing are a world apart in their ability to effectively restore health to ailing individuals. Smoke, incense, chanting, drum beats, clasped hands, bent knees, tightly closed eyes (that look remarkably like the blind eyes of Pat Robertson) are NOT efficacious treatment methods for disease. Faith Healing KILLS.

I generally don't encourage action taking as direct as this.... Take action! This has got to be stopped before it kills again. Click the link and send an email to your congressperson NOW.

(On a similar question: Isn't it also about time to protect the public from wasting money and risking health on nut-job Chiropractors, too?)


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