Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christians know...

Christians know...

It looks like they're finally getting it. They've been getting less and less popular by the day and finally they're catching on to why.

Have you heard of the Barna Group... and David Kinnaman? David is the group's president. The group is a Christian research company. And the newest research is that the news for Christianity isn't so good. I read this article on teen skepticism.

"UnChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity... and Why it Matters" is the title David Kinnaman chose for his new book - a book about how the perception of Christianity has been changing over the course of several generations and most rapidly over the past ten years. Importantly, moreover, is that the trending line for Christian popularity has been on a downward slope. "Outsiders" (as David tags non-Christians) are on the rise - no news there - but now there's research from "insiders" suggesting why. And guess what, there's really no new news there either...

What David Kinnaman and his research group have been finding out sounds just exactly like what atheists have been saying forever: Christianity is judgmental, hypocritical, old hat and way to involved in politics.

But here's a little something that may wet your whistle to read Mr Kinnaman's book anyhow: Christian teens, the book promises to claim, have the same complaints about Christianity as there counterpart "outsider" friends. Now that's an interesting finding, isn't it!?

It does appear, at last, that Christian researchers, or at least this group of them, are getting it. Christianity is growing negatively for good reasons. Let's hope the news spreads to the ordinary Joe Biblethumper on the street. I know I wouldn't mind (in the least way) seeing some Christian change take place from within - less judgmental-ism, less hypocrisy, a lot less emphasis on old notions and less (oops... make that NO) political nosiness - these are all on my wish list for Christian change. But I guess I ought to add one more, eh? How about less ov'em. Yea, that would work...

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