Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Earth Scouts

A better alternative

"Nones" (people who check 'none' as their religious affiliation on official forms) are finding Earth Scouts to be a better alternative for their children than either Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts (and its especially better than the religiously Christian bias Boy Scout Organization which, according to its Chief Scout Executive, Robert Mazzuca, continues to boast "The Scout Oath teaches a dedication to duty, God, and country...")

Earth Scouts, on the contrary, is a whole new ballgame. It supports: respect & caring for the community of life, ecological integrity, social & economic justice, democracy, nonviolence, and peace. It's a youth organization available to both boys and girls ages 3-17 and it prides itself as dedicated to teaching good citizenship all around. All kids from all creeds are welcome. The group is entirely secular, having no ties to specific religious doctrines.

Founded in 2001 by Jan Roberts. You can read the history of the organization here.

Be an Earth Scout tout and spread the word.

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