Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween ... Eeeek! It must have been the work of a ghost.

Halloween ... Eeeek! It must have been the work of a ghost.

Unless you're a totally over-the-top believer of ghosts, ghouls, goblins (and gods, including Jesus H. Christ) Halloween is a great time to have a little family and community fun. But apparently that's not how Pat Robertson's CBN sees it.

According to bloggers, Trian Hoaks and "Hump" (Atheist Camel) an article written by Kimberly Daniels and published on CBN blasted the traditional Halloween fun as being a night filled with the doings of Satan - even the candy is suspect of being demonic according to Daniels.

But what's this...? The article has suddenly gone missing. Could it have been a ghost at work? (LOL) I doubt it. I suspect Pat's site was getting a tad to many negative hits...

Courage of conviction must not be a virtue, eh?

But so what... What are you waiting for...? Its Halloween! Toss on a bed sheet, cut a couple of eye holes and go out trick-or-treating. Just have fun. That's what Halloween is for.

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