Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Church merger...

Church merger...

This is a telling sign that religion, and even the biggest churches, are on the rocks. ... Mergers...

The Vatican threw out the welcome mat, finally, for its failing friend in need and the Anglican church responded joyfully. But why are we seeing this sort of thing? Don't these two giants of spiritual guidance (choke, choke, gag...) have a history of stand-offishness? Haven't they been at odds for hundreds of years? ... If memory serves, they have. Repeatedly, the main event bout has been the arch Bishop of Canterbury vs the Pope... Funny, isn't it, that this should end?

Yet now things are different. Suddenly, Archbishop John Hepworth, primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, is extending his praise and thanks to the Pope, saying of him that he has acted with "great goodness". There's a switch...

Well... great goodness and golly gosh! What's happened? What's behind this strange bedfellows "merger".

It's taken years of petitioning and negotiation to arrive at, of course, but arriving was sure to be. Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglicans haven't been blind to their own declining numbers of devoted followers. And that means less money in the collection plate. Yet there's more.

Both the Catholics and the Anglicans have seen hard times for reasons in addition to having fewer believers to swindle; they've had other troubles, too. The Australian Anglican church, for example, has seen its one time two-hundred million dollar stock portfolio dwindle to a mere forty million... Can you say, "ouch"? The Catholic Pope has, of course, been on the hook to pay off scores of sexual child molestation law suits, all the result of the churches' own doing by harboring and protecting secret stables of pedophile priests. No... money hasn't been as easy for the churches in recent years. Not easy at all.

Just as any failing businessman would, church leaders have been on the look out for ways to consolidate and save their sinking ships.... Panic, concession and mergers seem to be included in the straws their willing to grab. It's a sign of the times and a hint of a future with more downsizing changes to come.

As for my own tastes in this: Bring it on. The sooner the better.

.... I wonder, Do you think that one day the arch Biship and the Pope will become bunk mates? ... trade dresses and swap hats?

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