Friday, October 23, 2009

Scientists say: New Force

Scientists say: New Force

Astronomers are looking at a whole new set of possibilities for understanding the history of the universe. It's been, up-until-now, an unknown force.

They aren't saying they have a clear handle on it, but they think they're on to something. The newly discovered force is still being identified - its an attraction somewhat like gravity - and it acts between visible matter and dark matter, sort of like helping one thing keep tabs of the other.

The new force hasn't even been named yet. This could be fun, eh? Since the discovery involves 'a something' able to act on dark matter, perhaps calling it Voldemort might do?

Unfortunately for some, no mention of gods came up in the scientist's discussion and no evidence for creation was mentioned. Alas, that Bozo bucket still remains empty. Sorry Bible freaks, but that's how it goes for you and your favorite failed hypothesis when you allow your brain to stay permanently paper clipped to the bronze age. Better luck next time; chin up, tumpers.

For the rest of us, thank science; thank reason. We'll be waiting to learn more.

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