Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anne Frank died and nothing else.

Anne Frank died and nothing else.

Atheist Camel, everyone's favorite Hump, has written an interesting blog (as hi always does). This time, however, I feel it necessary to take issue with his thinking. His blog article is hear: "Anne Frank had it coming..."

While I have no problem with the justice of Hump's complaints over the miserable and shortened life that Anne, her family and 3 million other Jews all suffered under the Holocaust, I take issue with his ranting about the addition insult of Anne's afterdeath suffering - that before birth she was condemned by the Bible character Jesus and by everyone wooly enough of thought to agree. And, that after her death she suffered even more... That's pure nonsense! (And Hump knows this, I'm sure of it.)

I see no point in playing the believers game of feeling horrified by the thought of damnation to "Hell" ... its all imagined, for goodness sakes! Why talk of it as if it were real in any sense? Why give it even negative voice?

Yet, in spite of this issue I've taken, hats off to Hump for giving us a look at how the Christian mind thinks... Now let's all try to bring it around into reality by staying in reality; let's try to remember that avoiding "Christian talk" of every type is for the best. Its no secret they believe in such silliness as "The Devil" and "Hell" and eternal damnation... there's no profit to be had by non-believer's speaking of as if it was real, too. Not even as Hump did.

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