Saturday, October 17, 2009

Swamp land anyone?

Swamp land anyone?

If you've ever been fooled (and how many of us haven't?) you know very well how painful the feelings attached to foolishness can be. Take the poor slob who invested his eye teeth in buying a patch of Florida land for his retirement days and it turned out to be six inches under swamp water for nine months of the year. That's foolishness for you.

I've been getting the impression lately that there are a lot of folks who realize they've made bad investments in religion. And now, like the poor guy who bought swamp land, they don't know which way to turn in order to make things better.

Think about it for a second... If you been sold on religion for any length of time (or if you were given away into it by your parents as a youngster) you've invested a ton's worth of lip service on how great your god is. And what's happened? Science has shown, more and more, that what you've believed all these years, that the secrets to the spark of life were exclusively on God's turf, just isn't so. Science has cloned, spliced, diced and done all but produces triplet girls in test tubes - it's amazing but that doesn't help your beliefs any. Moreover, if you've reached a few decades on into your life and raised up a family, or are still at it, you've likely passed along the same false ideas to your own loved ones - the same stuff that you swallowed whole during your own gullible years - and now those you've taught, your own kids, are questioning their own personal beliefs, and they're looking at you a tad sideways because of it. Hmmm....!

Add to all this the accumulating news of recent years - those things that the rise of atheism have been bringing to light - of how your very own trusted preacher may be one of those guys who's been hitting on every attractive woman in the congregation (and getting away with it) or how your own church donations, your money, which was intended to spread the good news through missionary work in far off third world foreign land, has somehow gone all wrong - and almost every current news item coming from the country you wanted to "save" is steeped in articles of religious sponsored abuse of children and religion motivated witch hunts. Or how someone, a church-goer like yourself, has gone over the top in religious fanaticism and murdered an abortion provider in Kansas. Good grief...

Perhaps the best news you've had concerning your own religion is that yours isn't the one that claims the Pope who publicly stated to an AIDS infested people that condoms were useless at preventing the spread of the disease. (It's NOT TRUE, Pope!) Or, that yours isn't the religion that keeps pedophile priests employed, or yours doesn't follow the same bible as those who claim homosexuals are subhuman. Perhaps the best news you've heard lately is that former President Carter quit his association with the Southern Baptists... Oops... (You aren't a Southern Baptist, are you?)

But in any event, you may be in the same boat as one of those poor guys who bought Florida swamp land - a guy with no way out but to gulp and admit mistake.

It's tough, I know... but give it a try.

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