Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its time to tax the preachers.

Its time to tax the preachers.

Great News... Paying off the national debt might still be possible.

It's about time someone's taken notice. Preachers are getting paid to do nothing and they are tax exempt on top of it.

Well... drop your beads and bookmark your Bibles, preacher man. Your cushy jobs may not be so cushy, in the future.

Trina Hoaks reports the details of the news here: FFRF sues IRS, Geithner and California over 'Minister of Gospel' tax benefits. I adore Trina's reporting. Did you catch how she researched the sentiment of the original writer of the 55 year old law? Giving away a free tax ride, wrote then U.S. Rep. Peter Mack, author of the amendment, "...is not too much to do for these people who are caring for our spiritual welfare." B A R F, G A G and C H O K E

This is exactly the kind of special treatment extended to religion that must come to an abrupt and final ending.

No more nonsense!

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