Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hurray for Hillary... and Whoa!

Hurray for Hillary... and Whoa!

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton wields a lot of muscle around the world. What she says has clout to it. Well, she's spoken up boldly for liberty and I have to applaud her and the Obama administration for taking the stand they have.

The question: Is is okay to talk bad about religion, i.e., blaspheme? The answer: YES.

Working internationally through the UN, a virtual union of Islamic led nations has been seeking world support to suppress individual rights that express opinions in opposition to Islam. Simply put, Islamic regimes want world support to punish (... and punish severely) those people who blaspheme their god, Allah. Hillary says: "I strongly disagree." Hurray for Hilliary!

Adding fuel to the fires that this US policy might have ignited in the Islamic world, at least one US news reporter, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, a Catholic, has come on strong with a column that smacks of saber rattling. His opinion on the recent "merger" between Catholicism and the Anglican Church is that it forms a unified Christian front against a common "foe," Islam.

It is doubtful Mrs. Clinton had any knowledge of Douthat's article at the time she made her statement... why would she? But the timing couldn't have been worse. Between the official news from the US state and which came out of a widely read and respected news columnist, Allah's devoted servants took a whopping kicking in the rear yesterday. Their reaction is still to come. Let's hope they respond reasonably.

(For getting the flavor of Islamic punishment, this link leads to videos showing people receiving their just punishment under Islamic law. Videos Not recommended viewing for the faint of heart.)

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