Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't Fuck!

Don't Fuck!

"Don't Fuck!" That's it! That's the $50 million per year lesson being taught as the main course of government paid Abstinence Only Sex Education... or is it more?

If 'Don't Fuck' is all that's being taught, why does it cost so darn much to teach it? "No running in the building" is an equivalent lesson and it doesn't cost a dime extra to teach. "Don't spit on the floor" is likewise a virtual freebee... and so is "Keep your hands to yourself". So what's up with 'Don't Fuck'? What makes teaching that particular 'no no' so gosh darn expensive?

My guess is that not all the money paid into that program is being spent on this simple message alone. I'll stick my neck out and bet that there are a few other messages being taught along side... things like 'God wants you to remain a virgin' and "Sex is an unholy act for unmarried people'. And, good gosh, even add-ons like those shouldn't cost even a penny more than they're worth (... by my math, that would make the whole business amount to zilch.)

Currently, $50 million dollars per year is going into this BS program and its going almost exclusively to parochial schools. This is nonsense... religious nonsense!

It's time to draw the line on this program. It's time to say NO FUCKING WAY are we spending another dime on this or anything like it.

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