Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catholic preacher keeps pitching it

Another one who refuses to roll over and die...

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George has written a book he hopes will spark new plan for Catholicism in America... his own plan: "... simply Catholicism, meaning a clear sense of Catholic identity that’s nevertheless open to the world."

He wants people to work and pray. That's it.

I don't quite see how that includes an openness to the world. Perhaps I ought to read his book and find out, but judging only from within the confines of an interview conducted with Fr. George I'm able to see he isn't encouraging his Catholic followers to do any thinking on their own. Moreover, Fr. George seems to want to take the responsibility of thinking out of the hands of the government as well...

the courts become the place where tensions are worked out which should be settled in other forums, if there were available, but they’re not. Thus the terms of the political system become determinative for every area of human experience – marriage, the church, the family, sports, and so on.
Fr.George would prefer such determinations should be put in the hands of the church, I suppose.

Sorry, Francis... you won't sell much support for your plan with that kind of thinking. And as for me reading your book, I'll wait until it hits the library shelves before deciding - I'm certainly not going to buy it. (I'm not buying the bits of crap being pitched right here, am I...)

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