Monday, October 5, 2009

Religionist: Change...!

An appeal for reasoned change:

It can't be done by atheists, agnostics, skeptics, freethinkers, Brights, Humanists or other non-religionists. "It" meaning: making the needed change of mind and heart for the sake of humanity with the possibility that it lends peace.

Only the religionist can make such a change. It is on him to do so.

Religion, without a doubt, is one of the major contributors to conflict and dispute around the world and across town. Religion stands dogmatically entrenched on false premises - its true - but worse, it persists not only at staying purposely entrenched and apart but, when forced to, it, most surprisingly, adapts to do so; it occasionally abandons its precious gospels altogether or drastically reinterprets them. But it does so wrongly. It does so to maintain the divisions between itself and its counterpart secular society (or other religions) rather than for purpose of closing the gaps in the sake of causing peace.

This attitude must change and it is on the shoulders of religionists to do the changing.

Some may say that religion has never adapted or changed... bunk! That's just no so.

If the history of any religion is looked into with even a half-closed eye, it is easy to see its changing face over the course of years. During some periods, as it was following the Dark Ages, whole books of the Bible were set aside (cast off) entirely to appease change. Even Islam and Judaism changed as time progressed. There's no secret about any of this. Read history.

But... change must be made for the better. It must take place in the direction of solving the problems of division now maintained by religion. The religions must (and I don't care how they do it or what new lies they must invent) reiterate, reinterpret and reorder their stories anew, both to themselves and to others, in order to facilitate making the swing toward peace and harmony rather than standing farther apart from it.

Teaching religion to the young, proselytizing and evangelizing must take a new tone which gives way to science... even to the point that it touts the progress of science and knowledge, applauding it as a fan would, for new knowledge sake. The time for clinging to tradition and dogma is past. A new honesty... perhaps one inspired by "God" (if that's the only way religion will adapt to it) must become embedded into the heart and mind of every religionist everywhere.

No more myrters. No more crusades. No more jihads.


We must come to see a common purpose: that humankind can move successfully forward toward a secular utopia; and, it is up to the religionist to join into the march rather than disrupt it.


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