Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Were they wrong?

Were they wrong?

Our nation was founded as a government without an official religion and it has none today. This is fact. Our constitution makes no mention of gods or "God". These words are totally absent from the document, top to bottom, first word to last. This too is factual.

Our godless America was conceived by some of the brightest colonial men of the time, by the most capable intellectuals of the day: James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington and others... each known to be a respected man of learning - every one of them. Were they wrong?

scene at the signing of the Constitution of The United States of America

If they were in error by crafting the framework of our nation as they did, I must ask each of you reading this now to answer, "How so?"

I submit that, if other nations who took up the American example of secular government conceived by our own colonial intellectuals of the late 1700's; that nations of the people need no gods to decide their law, their future or their being; that, in fact, any nation is far better off to ignore such preposterous ideas as those proffered by religiously fathomed leadership, such other nations would be equally on the precipice of ruin as much so as the United States is right now. And they are not. This is also a fact.

Think hard America. Were the founders wrong or have we been?

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