Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Backsides to basics.

Backsides to basics.

I'm excited and concerned by the opportunity to see a long awaited, greatly needed, redesigning of the reverse side of $1 bill US currency. We may yet see "In God We Trust" make its way to the trash heap where it properly belongs. And this proposed legislation is the the way:

H.R.2854 – Liberty Bill Act To require the Secretary of the Treasury to redesign $1 Federal reserve notes so as to incorporate the preamble to the Constitution of the United States, a list describing the Articles of the Constitution, and a list describing the Amendments to the Constitution, on the reverse side of such notes.

[I encourage you to follow the link to this bill and leave a comment.]

But... Who gets to decide what images will be included, what wording will be prominent and which idiotic phrases will be omitted?
You may already know that it was by a relatively unwatched-over 1862 coin redesign process, a change which took place during a very busy and confusing climate with our nation divided in civil war, that a simple two cent piece was cast "In God We Trust" and the whole national motto mess took its beginning... Are we going to allow the same kind of neglect to happen all over again? Let's hope not. Should we be fearful that unscrupulous people like the room #219 boys and girls of the Congressional Prayer Caucus will once again try to weasel their way into the decision process? I suspect so...

And, if it happens at all, who will be watching over the progress of this, anyhow?

Good gosh! Will it a fundie..?!

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