Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Revisions for the Bible:

Revisions for the Bible:

This is a hoot. The Bible is going to get an overhaul. Bible to be revised. But does anyone feel like guessing what's likely to be revised? Hmmm. Let's imagine.

Let's guess that Moses won't part the Red Sea this time around; rather, the crossing will be made by boat or bridge. And let's guess that Jesus won't be born of virgin birth; but rather, his birth will be an ordinary more believable event. And let's toss in the resurrection, just for laughs. There's no reason to keep that tired old story in the Bible since it's entirely unbelievable anyhow. Did I leave out anything...? (... like the entire remainder of the book?)

Oh well... That should do it for now. Even those few deletions will make the book a better and more accurate reflection of reality, won't they. So now, let's all sit back and see if I'm right.

Gosh and golly, I can hardly wait... Someone has finally seen fit to stop spreading the same old lies and fairytales. It's about time.

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