Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Room #219, bigoted Christians

Room #219 is occupied by bigoted Christians - plain and simple.

Room #219 in our nation's capitol is occupied by bigoted Christians with the narrowest points of view - plain and simple. They call themselves the Congressional Prayer Caucus as if all of congress respects their interpretive idea of prayer (Hands down,) and they apply the word "prayer" to themselves as if they represent every possible variety of prayer. (How arrogant!)

Where in their caucus is there room for prayer carpets as would be brought in to suit Islam, for the bells and incense and images of Hinduism or (Heavens sake!) for the pentagrams of Satanism?

Room #219 is not a prayer caucus at all but rather it is a very narrowly defined Caucasoid-subversive-group; and, it is so with an apparent taste for a single purpose - that, to do nothing than less than disguise the true character of the country, destabilize it at its foundation, and remake it in a white-wash of propaganda as something that it isn't... a government meant primarily for white fundamentalist Christians.

Representative Randy Forbes (R-VA) navigates and goes tossing around obscure terms such as Judeo-Christian, god, family values, and faith as if each had a specific definition. Leaning on the compound "Judeo-Christian" term to make his claim, that our nation took its birth according to some notion derived from those principles (what ever in the world they might be,) he neglects to recognize that the term itself was utterly unheard of prior to 1899, the year it was initially coined. And what, precisely, are the "Judeo-" portion and the "-Christian" portion of the combined term, anyhow? "God" is another term that goes entirely ill-defined and undefined by Room #219 and Mr Forbes. Is the god spoken of so reverently and frequently the one named Allah, is it Thor or is it the Christian god, Jesus, but not the Jewish god Yahweh? And exactly what is a family value in accord to who's idea of the ideal family model? And doesn't "faith" have a broader definition than meaning only belief in narrowest scope of the most narrow-minded Christian religions?

I don't have much trust in the Congressional Prayer Caucus. They probably don't have much trust in me or in the secular government that I cherish... Fine. But Secularism, a term that took its roots out of religion, is something the Congressional Prayer Caucus, the prayer boys and girls, ought to learn about. Once they've taken the time to understand it, they might step up to see that the group they now count themselves into is group they'd be better to be counted out of... and fast.

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