Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Take aim at room 219

Take aim at room 219

There is a growing cancer in the Capital and its nidus is room 219.

The Congressional Prayer Caucus must be examined critically and carefully to answer the question of its true purpose for being. Does it exist to act as a virtual prayer room within the Capitol and if so, which religions and which gods are to be worshiped... and, holy cows, is it proper for the government to provide places of prayer on public property using tax-payer money to do so? I truly suspect that if these questions were to be seriously posed for open debate on the floor of congress they will reveal some less than palatable possibilities for maintaining room 219. If the specific purposes of room 219 are allowed to remain as relatively undefined as they are today, the cancer of a state sponsored religion will soon become metastatic. I'm wondering why nothing of this has been addressed so far.

Maintaining the separation of church and state is a very serious matter which if left unwatched could lead to a collapse of our entire system of democratic government. Our country has so far stood firmly and thrived well by maintaining secularity as its single order of rule. Do we now want to weaken the strength of the nations ability to decide issues by establishing religion(s) within the government? Is that what "We the People" desire?

Congress: Examine and define the purpose for maintaining room 219.

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