Sunday, September 20, 2009

Join a group / Start a group

Starting-up atheist groups:

I'm a firm believer that on-the-ground groups are where its at and what's happenin' when it comes to the future of the atheist movement. The more groups the better. You can find plenty of support for the same belief across the board of the atheist blogworld without ever falling off your log. Go ahead... find a few blogs on the subject and read them and then get the message: JOIN.

Here's my earliest blog on the subject, recommending It's posted as a guest blog on Atheist Revolution.

Since then, I've stayed with using Meetup to create more groups and I've found it works not only for adding to the member rolls of an already growing, already existing group, but that it's great for starting-up new groups where none existed before. It's like using Miracle Grow on weeds - it works that well!

And here's a quick list of groups from my own neighborhood that have grown up out of nowhere since just a short year ago: Joplin MO (35 members), Springfield MO (105 members), Rogers AR (61 members), Texarkana AR (29 members) and Conway AR (just getting underway this month and already 10 members. Yeah Conway!).

I'm not saying Meetup is the only way to start or grow-up a group... Good gosh, no. But I am saying it's a useful tool if you need one. More importantly, I'm saying, "GET INVOLVED".

If you aren't already involved in an on-the-ground group, either an atheist, freethinker or skeptic organization right in the neighborhood where you live, join one or create one NOW!

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