Sunday, September 20, 2009

We're going to proceed

This seems fair enough...

I'm focused on a single statement of summary made by Greta Christina from her blog post,
"How Dare You Atheists Make Your Case! Or, The Fisking of Armstrong, 123" (a good read) with the simple idea in mind that she's said the obvious very well. And now I can only wish the god-believing world will take notice and give Greta's summation the serious thought it deserves, and then finally, hopefully, they'll begin to get this message right.

Here's what Greta says is common atheist thinking:

We're saying, "The atheism hypothesis seems to be the one that's best supported by the available evidence. The God hypothesis doesn't make sense, and there isn't any good evidence for it... so we're going to proceed on the assumption that it isn't true. If we see better evidence or better arguments for God's existence, we'll change our minds."

And, she's right, isn't she...

Of course this isn't an earthshaking new statement on Greta's part. Plenty of people have heated the air saying the same thing, time and time again. But there's always a chance that repeating the message one more time might help... So, do that. Help spread the word. Do your part. Repeat this message and see if by doing so you can penetrate the thick skull of a god-believer you know.

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