Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stop the zealots:

The following is a quotation of Paul Fidalgo from his article "Parade of the fanatical ignoramuses: Racism and rage on the right." Its a tad "old hat" even just two weeks after it was written but the climate hasn't changed much since.

When Obama was elected, there was a lot of fuzzy talk about the beginning of the end of racism. But Limbaugh, Beck, and their ilk (and I specifically mean anyone in the Republican Party who will not totally renounce them), in what they are telling their stupid followers, are showing us the opposite--they're trying to make the case that it's okay to be racist again, because Obama is a Nazi/communist/black nationalist/foreigner/racist/Muslim/antichrist. You were right all along, these inexcusably abhorrent men tell their anti-intellectual swarms, so it's okay to take this president down.

The crazed right wingers, the zealot Christians, are still out there spreading their words of hatred and division. Something's gotta give.

Paul Fidalgo is right. There's a move afoot to stir trouble the likes of what trouble was like during our darkest history... think of Europe during the dark ages; the Holocaust; Mississippi in the sixties; and September, 11, 2001. - The hate being spread is dangerous. Really folks... What's next?

Its time to put an end to it (No doubt!) but how?

I support the efforts of activist groups like change.org and colorofchange.org who advocate for bringing down people like Glen Beck by appealing to his corporate sponsors. So far, its had at least some effect. Try it.

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