Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Godless tens

Can we have a new bill, please?

It really bugs me that billions of dollars in new currency are printed each year and every darn one of them is defaced by the motto "In God We Trust".  Every last one!

Couldn't congress find it fitting to act on this imbalance and make a teeny-tiny concession to godless Americans?  Good gosh.  Certainly one of our coin or currency denominations could be sacrificed as an appeasement...
honor Thomas Paine
It isn't like non-believers are wanting to see "Hail Satan" cast on our coinage; it isn't a case of desiring that "Down with God" is being asked for; there's no call for any anti-religious slogan to replace the motto that's being printed on every dollar bill.  Honestly, I don't get it.  What seems so wrong with not printing "In God We Trust" on (let's say...) ten-dollar bills?  What would be so wrong with stamping out the future run of minted nickles without the words "In God We Trust" imposed on them?  The whole business is so one sided.

There are other perfectly acceptable American mottoes that could be employed if "something" must be selected to fill in the voided space.  Pick one, or not.

It really is high time for our government to show a little spine on this issue.  "God" is not a generic idea everyone can believe-in.  It's time to start making a few changes.       

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