Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The congressional caucus of trickery, deception and Christian propaganda.

The congressional caucus of trickery, deception and Christian propaganda.

Headed up by Virginia's Republican Congressman Randy Forbes and filled-in by a handful of other over-the-top Christian zealots from a variety of states including my own state of Arkansas, the Congressional Prayer Caucus, Capitol Hill's current collection of nutjobs and oddballs, are busy at doing everything they can to undermine an America which has stood successfully for more than two hundred years; and, they're doing it... not honestly but effectively.

It's time to take notice.

For a taste of their deceptiveness, I'll yield to Chris Rodda and an article she posted back in February of this year: Christian Nationalist Congressman Randy Forbes Is At It Again

Since then, only half the year ago, these prayer guys and gals of congress have managed to introduce (quite creatively) a couple of additional ways to insert "God" into government. A proposal for establishing "America's Spiritual Heritage Week" kept the nation's representatives busy shadow boxing for a while and it was soon followed up by a solid right-wing hook - the successful passage of a bill to engrave the late-in-coming 1862 words "In God We Trust" and the pledge of allegiance including its even-later-arrival of "under God" from 1954 on the Capitol Visitors Center walls.

What's up with these guys? Why are they so hell-bent to see "God" plastered on everything? Why are they so anxious to "... form an unbroken spiritual prayer wall around our nation," as they tell their would-be supporters?

The answer is an easy one... because "God" wasn't meant to be there from the start. If documents had personal beliefs or convictions, The United States Constitution would call itself atheist. Our Founding fathers were wise enough to see the danger of mixing religion and government and they quite purposely left the idea of gods and the word "God" completely out of the constitution. "God" isn't there anywhere, and the Congressional Prayer Caucus folks are ballistic to hide the fact. They're so nuts, actually, that they're willing to do a bit of fibbing, propagandizing and slight-of-hand tricks to get their way.

I suggest that they ought to worry a lot less about seeing our nations god-believers bolstered up by smearing everything with "spiritual this-and-that language" and the word "God". They'd do better to review a few Disney classics (Pinocchio seems appropriate) and learn from a better American, Walt Disney. Disney was a Christian who knew and respected the strength of our nations religious diversity. He knew our American history and was honesty enough to tell it how it was.

As for the rest of us... Sit up. Wake up. There are some unethical monkeys down from the trees and running all over the hill.

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