Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rm 219: Undermining reason with God

Rm 219: Undermining reason with God

I'm wondering if the Congressional prayer boys and girls of Room #219 in our nation's capitol have given any thought to the obvious - that they will be completely incapable of restoring life to the poor victim who is likely to get snuffed as a result of all their bottom feeding and slime stirring in the cesspools of the American god-believing public.


Room #219 has been doing its best to keep religious emotions running high, at a time when it ought to be crystal clear to anyone of reason that adding the fuel of belief driven emotion on fiery hot issues in need of cooler heads seeking rational solutions, reeks of recklessness... They know it. And we know it.

Will they be able to pray life back into whoever they manage to get killed?

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