Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh my God!

Another task for the apologists

It has happened again... a tsunami has taken 99 more lives in South Pacific, Samoa.

Oh my God!

Now get this straight, folks. This is NOT an act of God. If you think it is, think again because you are wrong, wrong, wrong. There are no elements of man-imagined gods in naturally occurring events - disastrous or not, life taking or not.

The 99 people who lost their lives to this event were not singled out by any commonly held nonsense ideas of questionable morality, faulty worship, poor spirit or the like the way some numb-nuts preachers, pastors, gurus and priests (pedophile or otherwise) will soon be spouting. Don't believe them. They are pushing pudding feeding fats. They're selling nonsense-ideas that their gods are powerful and kneading their fantasy messages into your daily bread mix. Spit it..!

Get smart, people... natural disasters are natural events. There are no supernatural strings pulling on nature.

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