Saturday, March 13, 2010

We've got the right formula.

We've got the right formula.

Community building doesn't have to revolve around nonsense beliefs... Our atheists groups are managing to mix high ethical standards, intellectual integrity and community building successfully into our organizations and all for betterment of society tomorrow.

Unlike church-sponsored misinformation, offering its notions of superior absolutes in top down fashion to mere mortals, atheist communities celebrate the facts of reality, all of the facts - the nice ones and the not so nice ones included.  We include everything which is brought to us from all levels of human participation and nature.    

We've got the right formula.  Knowing and accepting reality as it is is a far, far better way to find happiness than cowering under the ideas and words of false protection.  The gods aren't there and we non-believers are able to live with it just as we we're able to let go of our Santa Clause fantasies as children.

Our communities are growing up healthy and strong and I suspect they will continue to do so.

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