Thursday, March 11, 2010

Duck and cover - The Blitz is on.

Duck and cover - The Blitz is on.

I was there as a school kid in the fifties, hiding under my desk just like everyone else for every practice air-raid drill.  It was an integrated part of growing up to learn that the US had a nasty enemy - the Soviet Union.

Today, kids ought to be practicing something similar to "duck and cover."  They need to learn to shield their eyes and minds from a barrage of misinformation - a real barrage and not just a practice drill.  Attacks on the actual  events of history are increasing annually and, if evangelical Christianity gets their way, it is about to come from the pages of classroom textbooks.  So you see, lessons to "duck and cover" are still needed in the US.  We still have a nasty enemy and kids need to learn how to protect themselves from it.

But should kids be on their own to escape the BS that's tossed at them?  Look at this Google list of articles found by a simple search: "Rewrite history, Christian nation, textbooks."  The Christian propaganda machine is running at full speed ahead.  Something has to be done to right the wrong.

Wake up America... Lets get cracking atheists... We've got serious work to do if we want to preserve liberty and justice for all here in our United States.  History is history, after all, and it's on us to demand that the whole truth must be told as it actually was and not as it might be pleasing to the agendas of the god-believing crowd.  A few cherry-picked "God" statements must not be allowed to become the painted representation of our nation's founding.  Kids deserve better than to be brainwashed and we have a responsibility to protect them. 

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