Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So far to the right they've fallen off the edge of the world...

The latest Harris poll shows just how far to the far-right the right wing has gone - way, way, way to far.  Holy cows.

I suspect this poll marks the point where Republican party leadership has lost its grip on its' own party name.  To a Republican "Republican" can no longer feel or mean what "Republican" meant just two years ago.  The party name, it seems, has been stolen away from the greatest number of conservatives, moderate conservatives, and traditional right-wing voters, i.e., the name "Republican" has been jerked out from under the feet of most of the people who would have once called themselves Republican.  And who's to blame?  Can you say Sarah?  Can you say Glen Beck or Fox News?  Can you say hawk radio?

Honestly...!  Who in the world would still be wacko enough to call themselves "Republican" after reviewing the wacko ideas and beliefs of what this, the latest poll, exposes about conservative America... See these current poll results (current ... as in 'right now'). The Harris Poll. Now, ask yourself: Is this for real..?  Well, guess what, it is!!!

Extremism, far right radicalism, is being exposed for all of us to see.  It's coming out in the open  self-righteously, all on its own and it is ugly.

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