Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This is called organizing:

Reprinted from an SCA newsletter, March 31, 2010

SCA Executive Director Unveils Bold Plan for "Our Secular Decade"

The next ten years will bring about major advances for the secular movement, according to a plan unveiled to members of the secular and nontheist communities on February 26, following the historic meeting with administration officials. Sean Faircloth, the Secular Coalition for America's Executive Director, revealed a comprehensive, long-term strategy for realizing the goals of the secular movement and outlining the milestones that will indicate the kind of progress that will be made. Steps to move forward on this plan in the Secular Coalition for America's 2010 budget were approved by its Board of Directors at its January meeting.

Faircloth outlined eight primary tactics that the Secular Coalition for America will execute to bring Secular Americans further into the forefront of American society and give it greater political influence:
  1. Expanding the issue base of the Secular Coalition for America
  2. Increasing already-strong lobbying efforts in Washington
  3. Producing communications materials that connect emotionally with a broader community
  4. Engaging in more robust networking of secular and nontheist Americans
  5. Undertaking a "50-state strategy" in which the SCA sparks a grassroots effort leading to active volunteer advocacy networks in all fifty states before December 2019
  6. Seeking out the "apatheistic" and the functionally secular, expanding outreach to women and younger people and bringing the Secular Coalition for America's message to other potentially sympathetic groups, such as scientists, libertarians and LGBT nontheists--all in service of increased membership for the SCA's ten member organizations, and strengthening the coalition--see a list of SCA member organizations here
  7. Holding a secular policy summit that is tailored to policy and coalition leadership strategy
  8. Instituting an internship program on Capitol Hill
Said Faircloth of the plan in an article for Humanist Network News, "We believe strongly in a rational worldview. Our compassion and decency mandated by that worldview leaves no one out--even those with whom we disagree. This plan will lead Secular Americans to our rightful national leadership role."
Let's get on the ball everyone.  Organize your local on-the-ground groups and support the efforts of your national organizations.
. This is called organizing:

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