Monday, March 1, 2010

I wonder. I wonder...

I wonder. I wonder...
Since a few weeks ago when Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute paid his visit to the University of Arkansas campus to sell (Hmmm... How shall I say it?) ...his load of crap, I've been curious about where and when the next creationist will surface - Luskin's Arkansas visit nearly took us by surprise.  So far I've been surprised (and pleased).  The ID folks have kept to themselves by staying close to home.  (And ain't life just grand sometimes?) 

But while perusing their site this caught my eye: a lecture title; The Role of Christianity in the Founding of Modern Science - Speaker: Jack Collins. 

Um?  Come on now guys and gals, is this a joke?

Honestly... if during this lecture only the facts are given, could 30 minutes of absolute silence even be considered a lecture?  What could possibly amount to a "founding role" played by fundie-style Christianity for the spawning modern science?

But wait... Perhaps I'm assuming to much here.  Perhaps the "role" played by primative fundies wasn't one giving support but rather that it was a role of tossing water on the original Bunsun burner.  I wonder?

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