Monday, March 22, 2010

About the poles...?

I find it perplexing, even amusingly so, that two groups of people of reasonably equal intelligence can both live in and observe the same world, review the same data, digest it, and then arrive at entirely opposing points of conclusion on the question of gods, prayer, miracles, after-death life and such.  Like North and South poles, that's the way things are on the topic of religion. And how strange all of that is.

But its a mirage, and an obvious one in fact, whenever one takes the time to look more closely.  One of the polarized groups does more speaking from its pole than it does believing in it.  Which group?  Do you really have to ask... honestly?  The religionists, of course.

How often do we here terms like cherry picker, hypocrite, and apologist preceding or following the name of anyone who would claim belief in gods?  Not often enough, I'm disappointed to say  since the facts of the matter, if anyone would bother to gather those facts, might tell us just how prevalent falsifying ones claim of belief truly is among believers.  My impression is that they are all liars... none of them come close to believing what they say they do.  And aren't they all so willing to admit their occasional struggle with doubt... Good gosh.  When in the world will they ever think wisely enough upon that doubt to change their habits?

Ask a believer to tell how much he believes in a particular tenant of his religion, such as intercessory prayer or after-life or original sin, and then listen.  The gyrations and mental gymnastics displayed while answering are amazing... and often very amusing.  It's my habit to remind them of such whenever I get the chance.  It's a conviction of mine that I have a moral obligation to feed the doubt of believers until they finally act upon it rationally.

In a world where atheists would occupy the North pole and believers would gravitate in precisely the opposite direction, I'd say the South pole would never see a first foot set upon it.  The faithful don't believe even half of what they claim to believe.... They lie.  And that's the truth.     
About the poles...?

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