Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get off your duff and do your stuff:

I've been active at organizing for atheism for some time now and I've arrived, again and again, at moments to take my breath, to pause just a moment or two, and then, to resume pressing forward.  I'm doing what I know is right for myself, what's right for the sake of reason and what's right for America and the world. Yup... all of those!

Reluctance of leaders to organize, group to group across each state and state to state across the nation ought to be seen as a crime by atheists, yet it exists and its shameful!  The problem is perhaps fear.  "What will the community think?"  "What will my friends and family say?"  "What if I try and I fail?"  Reluctance toward activism stinks.

A reluctant leader is no leader at all.  Each of us must recognize a responsibility to take the lead when others won't.  Lead yourself and others will follow.  That's how grassroots movements work.

Now... Get off your duff and do your stuff.  We have a movement to fuel.  Get out there! Get going! Get organized!  Have your ideas of what needs doing and do them.  Share your goals with neighboring groups.  Improve communication.  Seek like minds and fellow activists.  Work for change where change is needed but stand up to vigorously defend that which already works.  We are the people.
Get off your duff and do your stuff:

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