Friday, March 12, 2010

Stop Texas...!

Stop Texas...!

Whether to allow bias Christian brainwashing of our nation's children is a question that will be on the Texas board of education bargaining table this spring.  Of course, the question won't be posed in quite those words, but that's the bottom line.

Text book companies are annually persuaded to write the pages of their school books according to the whims of the Texas school board.  Why?  Because Texas is the largest book buying state in the nation.  It's that simple.  The board of education in Texas wields so much power over the schoolbook business that if it should would one day decide that 2+2 does not equal 4 our nations kids might all have to re-learn the answer to this basic addition problem.

A key battle line is drawn in the sand and the sides are currently gathering troops.  The question: Will the establishment clause of the first amendment be included as an important subject for study?  Texas State Board Rejects Teaching About Establishment Clause  Moreover, the agenda written by far-right evangelical fundamentalists goes farhter.  It desires nothing less than to carry on with its dishonest program of spreading misinformation at every opportunity. From the Dallas Morning News: Board member Don McLeroy, R-College Station, said he would seek board approval today for several amendments to the U.S. history standards, including one that would highlight Judeo-Christian values in American history.  "Highlighting Judeo-Christian values" means, in other words, that Mr McLeroy intends to overly emphasize the remarkably few Christian heritage references which can are found among actual history... and he intends to skew the import of those documents to forward his bis notions.

Omission of teaching the intent and meaning of the establishment clause, the very first item of our human rights as protected under the first amendment, and failing to teach history as history actually was will leave the door wide open for Christian aggressors to continue their agenda of spreading false notions about America's history and its heritage - a heritage they wish to falsely paint as one which is brightly colored in glittery Christian richness.  

Reason minded people, we the atheist community and all of our non-religious allies must not overlook the far reaching importance of winning or losing this heavy-hitting controversial fight. Get with it atheists... stand up and demand that our country must be lead by common sense reason and intellectual honesty.   Stop Texas.  Nothing less will do.

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