Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Playing god is murder

Playing god is murder

People who believe in god sometimes decide to play god and the result is the same weather the god they believe in is Allah, Yahweh, Ganesh or Jesus H Christ.

It is part and parcel to religion to seek and maintain control over individuals. The rules are laid out and everyone is expected to follow them. That's fine and dandy for just about everything until someone makes the mistake of playing god.

Here's news of the latest religion related death - a death that need not have been. "Iraqi woman run over by father in US in 'Honor Killing'" The girl has since died.

For a father to take it upon himself to cause injury upon his own daughter - injury so severe that it leads to death - requires a motivation beyond the personal understanding of most people; but we can perhaps see that the father's actions were self-righteous and rooted in his belief. He was playing god.

I see similarities between this murder and the murder of Kansas' Dr George Tiller and of the Tennessee UU church shooting. The common thread is motivation... religious motivation.

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