Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grrr...! Is the American Legion in it too?

Grrr...! Is the American Legion in it too?

Atheist Camel raised a complaining issue recently - one that involved putting a new Christian twist on the ceremonial practice of folding the American Flag. Please note: You'll find NOTHING in the history of Christianity or in its Bible that calls for this kind of BS.

The comments to Hump's article have been interesting to read and I've followed them as each was added. The latest comment, however, revealed something disturbing, in deed. In part, here it is:

Hump, I just learned that (1) the American Legion is advocating these supposed meanings for the ceremony (2) the legion is taking this into public schools as part of their respect-the-flag campaign [which I otherwise applaud], and (3) that the legion is chartered by congress.

Now, I don't know what the actual source of this bad news is since I didn't discover it myself, and I certainly don't like spreading rumor, it's not nice; but if this is true, there's a fight to fight with the old American Legion vets. Personally, I have a great deal of respect for the military, for veterans and for the American flag, but contrastingly, I have little to no respect for Christian doctrine and even less for this newly concocted intended religiosity being added on to the already established flag folding ceremony.

My first impression was that the new christian notion is just nonsense - its worthy of a laugh at best; but this... when a group like the American Legion, gets bent over and out of shape to push this as an agenda, morover, to try to teach it to kids. Grrr...! Something stinks.

Check it out for yourself at Atheist Camel... be sure to read the comments.

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