Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hands-on projects

Hands-on projects

There's nothing like contributing time and effort to a hands-on project... Give it a try where you live.

I've just come away from the great success of Skepticons II and sent out my personal thanks to some of the people who put heads and hands together pulling this event off.  It was fantastic...!

I've done my bit in several ways, organizing new groups and setting the stage for local group meetings, organizing book tours and such, and I know the sort of feeling the Skepticons crew of contributors, from stage manager and information desk person to emcee and principal speaker, are each feeling today - pooped-out-wonderful and accomplished.  Its a feeling I hope every one of us will one day experience by giving an effort to producing a project of his own projects.

Whether one chooses to help produce a large event like Skepticons or simply give a talk for their local group, whether its a large effort given or a small one, a pet project or a dutiful job, the reward is equal, the benefits are universal and its all found in the giving.  Get involved, hands-on and on-the-ground. Make something you care about become real.  Give your talents and yourself to making a difference for everyone's sake.  You won't be disappointed that you did.

Congratulations to Skepticons II.  And full speed ahead to the makers of all the projects that come next... Get involved - everyone. 

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