Monday, November 16, 2009

The God Virus Spreads and Spreads...

The God Virus just spreads and spreads...

.. but guess what? That's good news for a change.

I received a recent update email on Dr Darrel Ray's marvelously energetic activities for atheism and non-religion. Dr Ray, as most people already know is the author of "The God Virus" and he has taken the time to share the experiences of what his writing efforts have yielded both for him and for the causes he represents.

Here's a reprint of his email:

Friends and friends of the book:

I just had to tell all that today the book hit #2 in books on atheism on Amazon. It is right behind Richard Dawkins mega best seller, The God Delusion. I never thought my book would be mentioned in the same sentence as Dawkins' and now it is #2 behind his and ahead of Hitchens mega best seller God Is Not Great.

I have been on book tour for the last three months and much more to come in the next three and doing a radio show or podcast on average, every two weeks. The emails I have received from people touched by the book have been incredible. The stories are often amazing to read. Most relate it directly to specific chapters in the book that brought them understanding about their own religious upbringing.

Our new organization, Recovering from Religion (RR) has grown rapidly and is over 20 groups across North America and adding new groups each week. Portland, OR, NY City, San Diego and Ivine, CA all started in just the last two weeks. I am off to New Orleans in Dec. and five stops throughout the South in January. You can listen to my latest interview on The Infidel Guy podcast/internet radio show. Here is the link: I'll be on the Point of Inquiry podcast with DJ Grothe next week.

Forgive me for bragging, but this is just too much fun, I had to share it and enjoy it while it lasts. Its bound to come down sometime.


Buy the book and give it a read. You'll very likely enjoy it just as well as I did. And for the record: Dr Ray is one heck of a great guy. I hope each and every one of you gets a chance to shake his hand in chat.

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