Friday, November 13, 2009

The Catholic mystery of faith

The Catholic mystery of faith

According to the US council of Catholic Bishops, there are 68,115,001 Catholics in the United States, (that's 22% of the U.S. population). This alone is somewhat of a mystery since it doesn't quite agree with other statistical reports, but that's not the subject of this blog. It's the mystery behind the mystery of proclaiming "the mystery of faith" that's got my attention today.

As part every Catholic mass there is time taken out to profess the mystery of faith, Catholic style. They all stand and recite together. I'm wondering if anyone adding a voice to these weekly choruses of profession has actually considered the meaning of the word "mystery" in a what he's saying.

Mysteries are generally unsolved questions... that's what makes them mysteries, isn't it? And if anyone knows the answer to a mystery it can no longer be called a mystery. Hmmm?

So... when making their profession of faith by reciting the Apostles Creed, aren't Catholics actually saying that they fully understand they haven't got a clue? Aren't they saying they're adrift and at sea? And, I wonder, does the garden variety Catholic realize what he's professing isn't knowledge that includes a precise answer to the mystery but rather that its a profession of ignorance?

The Apostles Creed makes it that clear enough that the content of the claims it includes are based only upon belief - the words "I believe" reoccur a couple of times, in fact. Wowzers. That means, that every time a Catholic recites the Apostles Creed, he's actually saying "Duh... I don't know the real answer but I'm gullible enough to follow along with the crowd?" ...that's a lot of following, I'd say.

I really wonder how many of the 68,115001 Catholics have given this question even a moments' thought... Someone must have, eh? I mean, gosh and golly, they say it week after week, don't they?

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